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[Cool Tool] How could I miss Copernic Desktop Search?

How could I miss this gem? All this time it was there, waiting, free, and apparently just as good, if not better, than the other desktop search tools. I should spank myself.

"I've been a Copernic Desktop Search user for a few months now and am still somewhat amazed and saddened that such a great product can go relatively unnoticed thanks to the popularity of companies offering products that barely bother trying to excel in the field (ahem, Google). I initially tried Copernic after reading a CNET review which is now outdated thanks to newer versions of the Google Desktop Search and MSN's new offering (which is MUCH better than Google's but not good enough to make me consider replacing Copernic).

Yesterday, Search Engine Watch pointed to a review that agrees with my assessment."

[via Sirsha]

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