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CodeSmart.NET productivity Addin announced

AxTools are coming out with CodeSmart.NET. I have been an avid user of their CodeSmart for VB, which ,in my opinion, is one of the most productive and comprehensve addins on the market for VB (And ive used most if not all of those that matter). This release is  ,to me, just a natural step forward. What they are adding (which surprisingly, VS.NET doe NOT have!) among other things is "auto-text" which expands your keystrokes to code fragments (ie: typing 'sc' pastes in a preformatted 'select case' clause and so on..). this is an amazing feature, which MSFT have yet grasped for some reason. anyway, i heartedly recommend checking it out I know i will), even if i do think that someof the features presented by CodeSmart.NET maybe a little shadowed by the fact that some of them are possible by doing Macros. Here'spart of  the email i got from them with some info and screenshots page.


Dear Roy,

We are pleased to announce that we have just released CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET. Packed with many features and valuable tools, it currently represents the most advanced collection of utilities for Visual Basic .NET and C# developers.



1. 'CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET' Features

2. 'CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET' Price List ============================================================================


1. 'CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET' Features


1. Advanced Code Builders (implement complex code constructs like interfaces,

custom exception and formatter classes, C# event definition code, object

construction and destruction code)

2. AutoText (MsWord-like AutoText alias-based automated code replacement for

VB .NET and C#)

3. Code Explorer (enhanced project management and navigation tool. See the code

behind your components in a Solution Explorer-like view, with custom tree


4. Code Formatter (smart format code documents, perform blank lines management

and long lines wrapping, split methods definition line by arguments)

5. Code Outlining (create and collapse regions and zone, outline definition


6. Code Snippets Databases (team-enabled code repository for VB .NET and C#,

search capabilities, drag & drop from code support)

7. Code Statistics (get statistic information on VB .NET or C# code at any

scope within your applications)

8. Custom Code (for example insert and remove tracing instructions on the


9. Designer Tools (Tab Order Designer, change the name and the text properties

of your controls on the fly, control identification support)

10. Exception Handling (exception handling engine based on custom templates,

automatically insert and remove exception handling code)

11. Extended Clipboard (10 supplementary copy-and-paste buffers, persistent

between sessions)

12. Extended Find and Replace (powerful search and replace engine, single and

multiline support with wildcards and regular expression, comprehensive

results lists)

13. Find References (identify all the places were a certain type is used)

15. Review Strings (easily view and modify all string constants used in


16. Save and Backup (save the modified components at specific time intervals

using the AutoSave feature, create backup copies every time you save a

component with AutoBackup)

17. Simple Code Builders (Class Builder, Property Builder, Method Builder,

Switch Assignment Values)

18. Sort Procedures (rearrange the code in a more logical and intelligible

manner by scope, type and signature)

19. Spelling Checker (check comments, strings and control text properties

for spelling errors)

20. Standard Comments (insert descriptive and inline comments)

21. Workbench (create persistent shortcuts and focus only on a limited number

of components and code elements, restore your working environment between


22. XML Comments (benefit of XML comments support for VB .NET and add

consistency with the XML comment templates available for VB .NET and C#)

A comprehensive screenshots page with extensive descriptions is available at the address. Also, a 14-day limited trial version of 'CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET' is available for download from

For more details on this product, please do not hesitate to visit our home site at



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