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RSS is not mature - continued

OK. Phil scott wrote back his thoughts on this and i must say i just did not get it. I guess this whole technology is a bit overwhelming, and considering i am only involved in this in the last 2 months or so, i would guess my knowledge about how it came to be and how long it is really around is pertty minimal. However, Phil  says,if  i undersand correctly, that he sees it mainly as a tool for personal use and it's not big hoo-haa. It's just around like web services. it helps.

I tend to think so too, for today. but for tommorow i think it could evolve into something really different. and it's the future that Addy Santo was talking about when he ranted about the lack of advancment in today's current tools and standards and in his way, he was right. But he simply has much higher expectations from this technology ,unlike most bloggers. This is what sometimes makes one go out and create and advance things. this is the "juice" that drives new developments. Seeing not how it just is, but what it isnt and could be.

Weblogs are not the point here, RSS, XML RPC and and speration between data and UI are at heart of what i am saying and what santo is ranting about. These are the heart of the ability to use aggregators and future tools. I think Blogging is simply a side effect of this technology,even if this side effect was the trigger for it's creation. It's like the Water wheels using water for electricity. One is just one small part of the big picture with amazing possibilities...

So yes, i do think is sort of the wave of the future, although just a small part of it. the wave of the future should bring with it better info management, and RSS (or its decendants) will help make that happen.



How do we call this technology?

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