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.NET show: "Tell us about yourself, because we Care(TM)"

Watching the .NET Show from MSDN brought mixed feelings.

The show was about the .NET compact framework and had a nice little demo of using web services on Pocket PC apps. very nice. i was impressed.

That was the good feeeling part. The MIXED feeling part was brought on when i saw the setion in the show known as Erika Wiechers interviews David Weise, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Corporation.

Appearently, someone thought it would be a good idea to bring in every show someone who works for MSFT and just interview them. not just tech questions, the poor person is then asked personal questions about his hobbies by the interviewer (who looked like she could care less) and it all looked so "big brother wants to meet you , little man".

If Saddam hussein would hold a talk show about working in his military and would ask the officier that was interviewed personal questions, this is what it would have looked like. At the end of the show the poor sap even sang some programmer "slavery" song and it all felt a bit like watching an accident. I could understand if the conversation was held by seleval programming peers or people who knew each other, but the following is just absurd:

Q: "I understand you like to go to the theater"

A: "Yes"

Q: "So whats ort of productions are going on right now in seattlle?"


Huh? What is this? the national theater knowladge queeze? Does he get fired if his answer is not complete?

Get real ,people. We want Tech related shows, not "Tell us about your self so we can appear to care about you"

Try this in google :)

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