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Is there a big "Escape" button somewhere?

Working at a startup holds many wonderful benefits :

1) You create and edit powerpoint presentations

 - this of course takes all your day since the boss wants "that line to be a little closer to that line" and "can you make it a big circle instead?"

2) You install new and exciting hardware on the companie's old NT 4.0 box

3) You are asked to "Burn some children games CDs" for your boss's kids

4) You will never EVER get a raise

5) You might get a pay cut

6) You may not mutter a word about it because you will lose your job

7) You do every thing that is not even remotly related to programming(And forget about .Net)

8) You forget how your wife looks and need a map to find your way back home (You havnt been there in a long time!)

9) Your boss lets himself treat his employees like C**P


Sorry. Did that sound bitter? Am i the only one who feels like this?

btw, anyone looking for a skilled  .Net programmer who is willing to just sit, code and learn the hard stuff  (already with an MCP in C# winforms) - drop me a line

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