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I want to start a .Net user group

I want to start a User group in israel for .Net stuff. There are already several groups in Israel :

* IVBUG : Israeli VB User group i regularly go to this one, but it has content mainly for VB programmers, and i use C# as my main language.

*IVCBUG - Like the first but for C/C++ programmer. deals with C# but with C++ as well (not for me..)

*Junior developers Group - The one that microsoft adopted and will be re-creating in redmond (recieved award from Bill Gates(TM))   15-18 crowd only..

*.NET Web Developers   

 Lead and support web development technologies. target ASP.NET and Mobile development as well.  


i wanted to focus first on Winforms and remoting stuff - rich applications ,sockets and GUI design, basically, anything that falls between the seats of the other user groups.

I heared that INETA supports new user groups and helps them out by contacting lecturers around the world and other useful things. Their website has a "Create a user group" part which tells you what you need to register a user group there and among other things it says "Fill out On line registration form" but alas, none is to be found. so i contacted one of the User Group Relations Committee liaisons to ask.

we'll see what happens next...

btw, INETA looks to have some pretty cool resources and the new forums look really helpful.




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