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CommandBuilder Internals and alternatives

I spent last week developing our data management layer.  Most of my testing was done with the CommandBuilder.  Although it is a handy type, I found some limitations, so I developed our own custom model.  I wish Bill's article would have come out a week sooner:

[Greg Robinson]

Great article. I Especially liked this remark from the article:

"Let's lay a little foundation first, for those getting started with Microsoft® ADO.NET. ADO.NET uses new technology to expose updatable rowsets. Well, it's not all that new if you're familiar with the Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0 Data Object Wizard. (Homer Simpson would pronounce it, "D'Oh!")"

D'OH indeed!!. I never knew about the data object wizard. Man this could have saved me some very precious hours along the way......... D'OH!

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