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My own user group & INETA - the next generation

INETA finally set the link streight to register a new User Group. Great. But i'm still holding. I keep getting second thoughts.Julia Lerman Posted a nice message about how great things are going for her with the user group and what great speakers they're getting.She also referred to my previous post and offered a helping hand.  That's great Julie, and thanks for the offer to help.

But. I really should think about joining in the VB User Group, which has some great sessions from time to time. however,  both the VB and the VC user groups have something in common - they both appeal to an audience that comes from languages prior to .Net. My vision is a group that is soley based on .Net languages which would focus on all things not Webby (since there is already a .net web developers UG here..)

I think i'm getting cold feet , but i feel like i want to lead something like this (yes, this is motivated partly by personal ambition - believe it or not!) . Would it be a good idea to register a group, try to get the thing rollin and then stop if it does not work out? My first instinct says "no, don't start something you're only half sure about". but  then again - arn't all the great things achieved with a grain of fear of the unknown?

If i were reading my own post i would probably comment something like this:

" I would suggest, Roy, That you first try to contact the VB UG manager and ask about options on how you can help manage the group. If you like what you hear, start helping out, see if you like it. If you do and you feel like something is missing that cannot be filled with in this group - then would be your time to make your move. That would also allow you to be in good standing with the UG management community and there probably won't be any hard feelings if you left for your own endeavors. "

err. must...stop...pondering...

what do you think?

p.s - Would it be concievable to bring some of the famous names like don box or Ken Getz to israel to lecture? I ponder whether the language barrier would be too high. on the other hand - people who go to these things probably have their necks burried in english texts anyway. But the speed of the talk from a native english speaker  - I could see how that could be a problem in certain scenarios.... I know that if they came here (there is a Tech-Ed here in about a month and a half or so *hint*) that would be a blast. Ive been listening to a lot of the talks on .Net Rocks radio and i wish i could be there and talk to these guys in person.

Yikes! people sure have problems debugging!

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