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Code Express - Freeware code sharing client

Code-Express released to the public!

beta Code-Express has officially been released to the public. Code-Express is a service to help software developers go beyond their limits, and deliver a high-quality product to their clients ahead of schedule. The Code-Express client (v1.0.x) is offered as a freeware product.

From the site:

What does Code-Express do?

  • Code-Express allows you to view and share, components, source code, tools, code-snippets, and more, written by literally thousands of other developers - including you!

    The Code-Express client can run as a stand-alone executable, but it also has the ability to act as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Additional effort is being put in to port Code-Express to Visual Studio.NET, so you will be able to access this great tool from within your .NET IDE as well!

[via VBWire ]


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