Kudos for Scott for all the wonderful new additions to the site.

  •  The new Post Editor is real slick (no more scrolling for formatting - woohoo!)
  •  The new MetaWeblog feature is pretty darn cool (I know, I know - i use way too much 'cool' and 'coolness' in my posts , but hey , the world is full of coolness ;)  I can't wait for category support!
  • The new Blog Admin Page is much easier to manage now.
  • The CSS sheets - oh well ;)
  • The web service extentions seems not be not working for me. Hope this is fixed soon :)
  • Update:I like the "News/Updates" Feature! This is cool if I'll be away for a while or anouncing the next big convention I'll be speaking at (yeah right..)

A few points and requests:

  •   When editing an entry, I'd like the "Categores" checkboxes always visible, since I sometimes forget to mark the appropriate ones and have to re-open a post.
  •  There is no direct link to enter /BlogAdmin.index.aspx from the main page. This was there before the changes. could this be returned? erm. sorry.   oops sorry ;) didn't see that the "admin" and "logout" are two different links ;)
  •  Is there a way for the user to provide their own CSS sheets?
  •  Real time stats about page views
  •  I Don't get an email any time i get a comment about a post. Was that feature dropped?


Hope i'm not bugging too much about these things. I'd love to help if I get the chance :)


Overall - I really love (and proud) being a part of this. Great going!

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