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Waiting for the Next RSS Bandit

Dare Says that all the features people want from SharpReader are already present in RSS Bandit. I agree. RSS Bandit, feature wise, is a much richer application. It's pretty weird to say this, but I really want to use RSS Bandit, but I just can't. Every time I try to use it, and import my 250-300 feed opml into it, it starts choking and the GUI hangs. Now, this was understood in the last version, which was not multi threaded, but Dare took time and listened to my comments, and actually made multi threading a new feature for this version of RB. I can only say that , yeah, it works, but the GUI still hangs and is very very slow when trying to update all those feeds.

I keep going back to SharpReader, not because I think its better, or has more features, but because it just works and I can actually use it without waiting for my main window to repaint itself every time I refresh my feeds. Sorry Dare. I really want to use a feature as cool as seeing the comments for a post inside the aggregator tree (and being able to post a comment from the client too, how cool is that??), but I just can't stand by as my client wrecks every piece of human dignity I have left, trying to shout at my computer “Move you lazy beast!”.

I have a dream, where RSS Bandit is as responsive as SharpReader when updating its feeds. Once that dream is a reality, I can safely say that RSS bandit will be my aggregator of choice. It *is* very cool.

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