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RSS Bandit revamped - your comments appreciated

Dare has updated RSS Bandit again. I really appreciate how he's handling the comments on this software. This time RSS Bandit runs out much more responsive, but still not enough IMHO. although this time it is usable, I can't help but continually compare between it and SharpReader.

Anyway, It seems a lot of the comments to my last post about RSS Bandit have been very helpful to him, so I encourage you to post a comment on this post or on his post, telling Dare everything you think is wrong or is missing in RSS Bandit. Essentially, it would be best if you could envision him asking you “Why Arn't you using RSS Bandit?”

One thing I've found that bothers me most, other than the threading thing, is that there's no "Search" functionality. Hell, the "Filter: thing is SharpReader is powerful enough for me. Put that in Dare, and I'm sold even more (provided a responsive GUI).

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