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Returning to RSS bandit and a couple of requests

I've been trying on RSS bandit for about a month now, and loving it. I still miss some of sharpreader's features (which I'll outline later) but I love the fact that I can synchronize my feed list between home and work. Plus its much more responsive now. Great job Dare.
some features I'd still like to see:
  1. Sort feeds manually (not just by name, but manually drag a feed to where I want)
  2. open all feeds tree automatically on startup.
  3. Still sometimes when looking at a closed node with more that 2 level inside, I don't see all the unread items inside and have to click hte inside nodes to see them (the count is accurate though, but the post list is not)
  4. I *still* don't like the fact that some feeds are not validated and are sent to the “errors“ folder. SOmetimes Early Adoper feeds fails. what's that about> never happened in sharpreader.
  5. when uploading or downloading a feed I don't need the extra msgbox that says “done!“. I only wanna see it if it fails. for the rest I have a status bar. I want it to act just like when posting a blog reply.
  6. I want a setting that will alow bandit to ask me before I close “would you like to update the synchonize feed list?“ or maybe even update it automatically ever X minutes (like auto save)
  7. A bit usability feature for me would be that a feed and a folder would have differnet icons. Would make it much easer to traverse the feed tree.
  8. When updating all feeds, I want the feeds that are still waiting to start updating to have an icon that states they are still “obsolete“.

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