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Recommended C# Bloggers

If you've read my blog for a while you'd know that I'm not much for a popularity contest. however, I am most honored to be listed along with these great people in the same place, in what Eric Gunnerson posted as a list of Recommended C# bloggers.
At least half of these folks are inside my aggregator, and I 3 names here are not familier to me. Looks like I need to add some subscriptions! I can attest to those that I know that they certainly deserve to be listed as a good source of knowledge.
The weird thing is that my Regex blog is the one listed over there, and not this weblog. Quite weird,  because I have less than 20 posts on that blog and this place is my main place of writing. Still, this is very cool. I know I have'nt been posting much tech stuff in the past few weeks but I promise to get back to that as soon as I have something worth saying.

[Book] "Slack", Where Learning Happens

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