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Israeli .Net bloggers worth a read

I have about 30 Israeli bloggers on my RSS reader. less than 10 of thos publish stuff on a regular basis and the others are annoyingly silent. Here is the list of the Isralei .Net bloggers that have updated their blogs since the last time I opened by RSS reader (About a week?):
Udi Dahan (The Software simplist)
Jackie Goldstein (Regional Director and leader of the VB user group)
Guy Sofer (Who has lately joined the ranks of Magen)
Natty Gur (Heavy architecture blog)
Ohad Israeli (Also from Magen)
Addy Santo (Lives in the states now but will always be Israeli to me. Now wors at MS, is coming to Israel on december for a visit!)
You should also watch out for Avner Kashtan's blog (he has some intersting stuff but has not updated in a while)

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