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Israeli .NET Bloggers Update

There are several .NET related Israeli bloggers out there who provide good content but sometimes get missed from people's RSS readers for lack of.. well, knowledge that these blogs exist. Some of them I come accross when I look through my referrer links, some I find by looking at comments on other people's blogs, and some I know personally or have been reading for a long time.

Here's a list of israeli .NET bloggers to keep an eye on(most write in english. I've noted who writes in hebrew):

  • Ken Egozi - mainly ASP.NET content, but also some Castle, MonoRail and ActiveRecord related posts.
  • Eran Nachum - found him thorugh Ken Egozi's blog (as a comment). mostly ASP.NET content.
  • OOren Eini (Ayende) - from high level architecture stuff  to very low level NHibernate specification and code. Sometimes he "writes too fast" for people to understand, but he writes so much you're bound to find something you'd like.
  • Justin Angel - lots of .NET for newbies stuff, ansering forum questions, and lots of .NET content. this is a real community dude. (Hebrew)
  • Arnon Roten Gal Oz - high level architecture and SOA stuff, author of an upcoming SOA book, SOA patterns.
  • Udi Dahan - If you like blogs like Arnon's blog (previous link, you'll like Udi's as well. Same kind of content)
  • Guy Burstein - Great .NET 3.0 and 3.5 content (WCF, WPF, WF, Biztalk etc..). anything cutting edge seems ot find its way into guy's blog. Subscribe to keep updated on the latest .NET technologies..
  • Microsfot Israel User Group News - A blog managed by guy burstein which has all the news about upcoming user group meetings in israel, downloads and more. Great initiative by guy.
  • Shani Rabba (Human Debugger) - Lots of .NET debugging and low level stuff

I really need to clean my blogroll on the blog main page. it's outdated and most people there have not survived with their blog for any amount of time :(

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