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Israeli .NET bloggers you should read

I wanted to draw your attention to several prominent Israeli Bloggers in the world of .NET that I know and respect. (I'm only mentioning those that post regularly - I know and respect many more, but they don't write at all, or close to that, unfortunately)

Udi is an architecture geek, and the word 'SOA" is written all over his forehead. still, he likes to take a pragmatic approach to things and comes up with many interesting ideas and concepts about software architecture. He also writes for various published magazines and will be speaking in the upcoming TechEd in Barcelona.

Justin is has just recently made MVP, but he's been active in the Israeli .NET scene for a while now. He helps maintain one of the most active .NET forums in Hebrew I know, writes regularly in his blog (almost all in Hebrew) and has the "passion" to learn and talk about new areas. I'd say Justin tries to cater more to the novice crowd, but his knowledge is an advanced one. Great community lead!

this guy is shoulder deep in WinfX, ADO.NET vs. and bascially anything that's currently in "CTP" mode. He's posting lots of great info, and he's actually speaking tonight about the next version of ADO.NET.  If you're into bleeding edge, guy seems to have a thirst for telling you what's what.

This guy has the same interests as Udi Dahan - Architecture and design in a service oriented world. He does not write too often, but he should. Perhaps now he'll have more of an incentive to do so, right Arnon?

For some really obscure reason I left Oren out of this list, which is should definitely be a part of! Oren is a great thinker and like to muck around with lots of "design patternish" stuff, OR/M systems and mocking frameworks (he built Rhino.Mocks, and contributes to NHibernate). Great guy, great blog. Thanks for reminding me, Joshua!


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