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Regulator Coming along nicely

Regulator is about to pass the 1,200 downloads mark (in 5 days). How cool is that?

I've got an update coming. It will now support web searching through a Proxy, which , as I understand, was a small headache for some people. I'd like to Thank Eddie Garmon and Darren.  Eddie pinged me early on and let me know about the Proxy thing. Honestly, that issue didn't even occur to me before that. Since I knew nothing about the subject, Eddie gave me some good tips along the way, and I started digging in and finding out how it's done. Near the end I kinda lost myself a bit somewhere in the bits, but Darren swept in at the last second and solved my problems in about 2 sentences. Also Thanks to Ron Green, who gave some of his time to test The Regulator bits.

Thanks you guys!

Waiting for the Next RSS Bandit

Refactoring, FINALLY!