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Remoting Events May Break in V1.1

Russ Nemhauser  over at DotNetJunkies wrote a solid piece about working with events through remoting(Hmm, I should write something about my experiences with that ..). Worth a read if you never done it before, since it can get a little tricky.

A very interesting thing I've seen in this article, though. Russ mentions in a comment to that article, that in Net 1.1, the scenario described there will not work! He goes on to describe the reasons here, and points here for more information. If you work with remoting events - I suggest reading both the article and the associated links. just in case, you know.

I'll admit first that I havn't yet read it all, just browsed through it(4.29 am - Oy Vey!), but i'll look into it tommorow and if I come up with new conclusions, I'll write. Funny thing is I didn't see this mentioned at Ingo's site either - weird..

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