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Two interesting Israeli .NET related blogs

Some technical news from the wild wild middle east:
My ex-colleague, Shahar Nechmad, has finally opened a blog of his own dealing with Windows Vista, Indigo and various .NET things. He's the friend I was asking about a little while ago. Go check it out.  If you live in Israel most chances are you've seen Shahar speaking in various Microsoft conferences on behalf of Magen (now part of Advantech), and probably in several user groups relating to architecture. He's a good guy with a good grasp of the .NET world we live in and the experience to back it up.
In other news, Tomer Gabel, who's recently opened his own blog, has written a short piece on .NET events Vs. Remoting. I haven't gotten to read it yet, but this guy is as sharp as a razor, and can get down to technical business quite deep (though his blog is not *only* about .NET, beware).
These are worth watching, if they can just manage to write continuously :)

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