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[OT] Evacuating the Gaza strip

On a purely non technical and unrelated note to anything, I'd like to take this moment to talk about how I feel when today Israel is starting to move people outside of their homes from the Gaza strip.
I really don't like to talk politics on this blog, but this act is painful, hard to see, watch and hear and yet feels needed in a way. I don't claim to be someone who knows the full history between Israel and Palestine, because I don't. I only know what I learned by myself, my parents, society, TV and friends. That's enough to have my own little version of the truth I guess, but not the whole picture for sure. There are arguments each way to be heard until the end of time. I simply live here, in the center of Israel. It's hard for me to see this even though in a way I feel disconnected from it all and shielded because I don't live close enough to the "action".
צילום: אבי כהן
Israel is doing something big these days. whether it's for good or bad - that remains to be seen.
What can be said, however, is that today, more than ever, we live in a skewed, convoluted and painful reality of blood, terror, fear, brotherhood and normal life. Everyone wants this to be over. Everyone hates living like this.
I have no idea how long this will  last. Hopefully, my children will be born to a better place.
For now I will keep avoiding this issue on my blog and stick to technicalities. It's much easier to deal with, and even the most serious "problems" can be solved with enough will power and plain sense.

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