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Video of my "Intro to Agile Development" talk at INDA is online

It's roughly 3/4 of my full "Into to Agile development" talk and Parts II and III (Unit Testing Best Practices) will be posted later on, in audio format as well.
A few points to note before watching the video:
  • The real talk starts 5 full minutes into the video. before that I'm just telling jokes and passing the time until we start. So feel free to scroll past those lost minutes. I look and sound silly.
  • I say waaay too much "OK" and "like", probably because I'm trying to sound too "American". Hopefully it's not that bad but I'll try to work on it for my next talks.
  • The video is rough around the edges and kinda blurry at times, plus you can't really see the slides in it. It was Paschal's first time behind a camcorder so I guess it'll get better. The slides should be available at for members only. I've sent an email to Paschal asking for them to be openly available to non members as well. If that does not work I'll make them available through my own server.
Otherwise, I think it turned out pretty good, even though I feel really silly looking at myself "trying" to speak English..
I'd like to thank Paschal again for helping to arrange this. It was really fun!

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