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.Net Rocks Show Do's And Don't's

cool. Chris Sells is on .Net Rocks:

"Chris talks with Carl and Mark about Longhorn, Working at Microsoft, his book with Don Box, his new Windows Forms book, dealing with Printer Margins, passing command-line arguments to auto-deployed applications, linking assemblies, the new Matrix movie, what's new in Ghengis, and answers the age old question "to GAC or not to GAC?""

I must admit that the last .Net rocks show did not rock at all. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand much of what was being said and the conversation did not flow at all. Perhaps this should be a lesson in "how to plan for a good rasio interview":

  •  Get people that can be understood by your audience
  •  Make sure you have something to speak with them about, other than playing bass guitar
  •  Make sure that after your guest talks long and hard about something with a very bad accent, that you don't just pause, and say "Interesting." and move right along to the next subject.

This may sound a bit harsh, but this is a listening show, and one of the few traits people talking on it should have is...well,  understandability.


I should just mention that I'm a big fan of the show, this is all out of love. really.

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