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Tomorrow is DBA day, and .Net rocks is back on my mind

Hey. Tomorrow is a special day. A professional DBA is coming over to look at a database of one of my projects. Yes -I know he's not going to like everything he sees in there. but I intend to take that opportunity to learn as much as I can from the guy. We have the whole day ahead of us. It's going to be tough, annoying at times, and maybe even a little masochistic, but surely in the end I will come out a better developer, architect and database-ish dude.
as usual - it is mistakes that make us all learn the most. Learning from my own mistakes is one of the few things I am trying to find more and more time to set a side for. It's hard though. Both in time  and in spirit. No one likes to be self spanked - but usually the experience leaved you with a lasting memory for the next projects - where you suddenly feel like you know so much more than you did 3 months ago. know that feeling? I hope I'll have this same one tomorrow.
Also, speaking of databases - I finally have a CD player in my car (no, we do not ride camels to work in Israel!). So I can get back to listen to one of my historical favorites - the .Net rocks show. Today I was starting to listen to the 2.5 hour long show with Kimberly Tripp - an SQL guru. she has some very insightful things to say and I urge you to burn the show onto 2 Cd's and listen to them in your car on the way to and from work. its amazing how much you can learn. though i warn you - the good stuff on the show (where she actually start to speak) comes on only about 35 mins. into the show. I love the show - but if you want to get to the juice - scroll to 35 mins. that's where it is.
also - if you've never heard of .Net rocks -you should really start listening to the show from the early shows on. it is an amazing experience to listen to people who's books you've read and memorized in difficult situations (Dan Appelman, anyone?).
anyway - here's to discovering more and more stuff like this everyday! is online with a face lift

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