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More About Desktops

We're starting to get some real content into the desktops gallery. If you'd like to add your own desktop, see the guide.

I really like how it's turning out. Looking at all these really gives you a feel for the different types of people (or, not so different..?) that hang out here. Meanwhile, the coolest desktop IMHO is Rob's.

What I think is needed, though, is some kind of small prize for the "coolest" winner which will be decided by the end of the month(provided we have a prize by then).  Since I can't really afford anything, maybe some of our pals at MSFT would like to donate a poster,T-Shirt or anything else that would fit the occasion?  I'm open to suggestions.

.Net Shortcuts + Automate GAC and COM operations using this Cool Add-in

"How Do I Get There From Here?"