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IVBUG meeting went well

Went to my user group meeting today. Was kinda funny.

We had no electricity for some reason, so the group leader decided to take us all out and have a “Help” session, in which everyone with a problem raises it to the group and people try to answer him. It was one of the best meetings I’ve attended. People actually took part.

I also got up and recommended .NetWeblogs as a good resource site.

I also got the chance to help out a guy who was there. I overheard him talk about needing a job, so I handed him my email and told him to email me his resume.

I wasn’t promising anything, but, what’s the harm in trying right? Made me feel good and hopefully, he’d do the same for me.

Then I got two possible job leads from two other people in the group, which I will be trying out in the next week or so.

Sometimes sociability is a good thing.

Phew... Free Time, At Last.

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