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Phew... Free Time, At Last.

Just a couple of quick words:

* My mom told me she's reading my blog now(Hi Mom!). isn't that cool? She claims its the only way she knows when  I go to sleep at night...

you know you've made it when your mom reads you blog :)

* The weekend has finally arrived...

Now I can relax, unwind, sleep those 14 hours I've been missing, and continue writing. I'll try to finish my article this weekend (about making your log files searchable using regex and xml writers).

* I've been missing lots of great posts lately, but I was soo busy. Lots of enviable posts about meeting cool people at teched..  I totally want to be there..

* My .Net Debugging resources page is coming along slowly but surely. Please feel free to contribute anything you can think of that people would like to have in this kind of page.

* is it just me, or has not updated in like 2 weeks now? I posted my lates article there, but they don't seem to update it... arrgh

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