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Small cool news

Ah. Some interesting days have just passed. I'll blog later about what I've been going through. But today I discovered two cool things:

  1. Thanks to Kent,  My Author Page on MSDN is ready. Ain't that a classy picture (my wife says I make a funny face in it)
  2.  Raymond Chen answered my question as to why the Copy File dialog sometimes counts up instead of down. (lots of good comments on that one. Hey, I have dibs on that cool post idea! ;-)
  3. Kevin gives a good overview on how to make IIS 6 ready for team development
  4. Sara Ford, VS Software Design Engineer, blogs about her accessibility experiences with VS .NET.Of particular interest is her article on keyboard, high contrast and Assistive Technology compatibility 

  5. A new spec is in town: WS-Eventing (publish\subscribe model for web services)

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