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Small Israeli DevDays rants

Here's a small rant:
Why didn't we get all this cool stuff in the Israeli DevDays conference?
Especially I don't get why we didn't get Whidbey preview edition (and I heard a rumor that we should have gotten it but it cost too much, like 1$ per person). So, why does Israel have to keep legging behind the rest of the world?
On the other hand, we got the Writing Secure Code 2nd edition, which is a very very very good book and yes, admission was free.
More points:
  •  when you register at the MS site for the conference, you get a confirmation ID. You get it sent to your email. If by any chance you lose that email you have no chance of recovering it. Sure, the website shows you that you are registered for the event, but it does not show the reference ID for your registration. Since this is what happened to me, I actually called MS support on the phone and,how wonderful, the guy couldn't tell me my reference ID as well! He had to re-register me to get a new ID. Is this the 80's?
  • When are we going to get some world class celebs into our conferences? Are people afraid to come here or something? I mean, as long as you don't take the bus, you're safe ;)

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