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Common rants and misconceptions

Tell me if you've heard this before:

"The company I work for Is too cheap to buy me..."

  1. a bigger computer screen
  2. a better mouse
  3. A better keyboard
  4. A better dev machine\More RAM\CPU
  5. A ticket to the PDC\DevDays\programming courses
  6. A faster interned connection
  7. Computer books
  8. Lunch
  9. Pizza
  10. Overtime
  11. A recreation room
  12. A decent air conditioner
  13. a door for the room
  14. A bigger office

"My direct boss..."

  1. does not recognize my abilities and keeps me as a code monkey
  2. Has less technical knowledge than me and is not worthy of my explanations
  3. Would like nothing more than see me fail
  4. Has no idea why I read weblogs for 3 hours during the day and never will
  5. Could not be any more of an insensitive jerk
  6. Has no idea that most days I just surf the web half of the time
  7. Never notices me picking my nose in the office


"My direct subordinate..."

  1. Does nothing with his\her time but bitch about what I'm doing wrong
  2. Wants my job and me out of here
  3. Thinks I'm a worthless piece of code monkey poo
  4. Has no grasp of the context in which we operate
  5. did not notice that I took credit for myself on that last task
  6. Did not notice that I put in a good word for him\her with the boss
  7. Does nothing all day but surf the web
  8. Never reads any of the books I get him\her
  9. Does not want to learn anything new


OK. Just so you know, the "misconceptions" part is in parts 2 and 3, while part 1 is usually a viable rant.

I say usually because plenty of times being in one place for a long time can really make you lose perspective on things. I've been to one company which actually forced new programming books down the developers throats, paid for various workshops and all of kinds of other things, yet the devs  kept complaining about their 17 inch screens and that they have squeaky mice. Here's a reality check: Many folks would dream to work in such a place. (mind you, the paycheck was reasonable, although not high).

Here's another anecdote: I've never seen a company that did not have employees rant about part 1 of this list (MS is the exception). So, get a grip and make sure you are looking reality in the face. Be happy that you have a job that you can enjoy. Start with that.

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