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What's Up With That?

What's up with people mass mailing recipes of salad dressings and coockies to all their internet lists? I swear that the next time I get a salad recipe from 3 different sources I'll... I'll...

What's up with windows 2000 not willing to give up the memory that word took after I closed it? hello! I'm not using it anymore! What kind twisted garbage collection from hell scheme would do that?

What's up with IE taking 30 seconds to open, and then another 10 seconds just to load that first page? meanwhile my CPU usage rockets , and my memory usage is a nightmare(I have 256MB RAM, on a 700 pentium 2 workstation).

What the hell is up with the ";" key being so damn close to the "single quote" key? I keep getting these two mixed up? My fingers can;t(see!) be that fat!

What's up with hosting sites on the net? Isn;t there a decent free site that I can keep a small amount of personal files for linking to them without the need to create a website on that host and without it being some kind of a devious scheme to spam me until I want to kill outlook?

What's up with companies that think that they can get away with letting their programmers work on 15" screens and old horrible microsoft mice that you have to pound repeatedly agaist your desk for the mouse to move the way you want  it to move?

What's up with computer speakers cables being way too short for their own good? I have always had a problem figuring out how to put a speaker  on each side of my screen. They never have enough line length between them to let you do that without first knocking down stuff on your desktop. It's always a *big deal* to setup speakers. ugh.

Speking of which, what's up with speaker connections way out on the back of the computer? What do I have to reach down under my  desk, turn the PC around, and connect the damn thing? Why should I have to do that if I want to use headphones instead of speakers? Why should I have to *buy* extra stuff just so I can do the most basic procedures easily?


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