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Microsoft does, but can do even more

I was glad to see that Paul Vick  read what I wrote(but answered on a different subject). It feels good to know that the right people are reading what you are saying. Paul - if youre reading this - I love what you did with VB.Net. You're making a great product(yes, it has its shortcomings, just like any other product.). hey , if you run into the C# team, tell them that I love C# as well. they are both reall cool products.

Actually, I'll spill it all(no this is not a suck up) - I really like what y'all did with .Net, as a whole. It's one hell of a framework, and I love using it. It solves lots of problems, and the community that is starting to gather up is quite amazing. Kudos.

Now, here's what I'd like to see you do more of:

  • Be more involved in the community (being a weblogger - having your people blog who be a great way IMHO). There's nothing I love more than to follow the personal musings of the people who actually decide what I'll get to program on for the next so and so years.
  • That  also means being more involved in Israel(or any other country that feels neglected). Yeah, the last .Net deep dive event was great, but I want more. If you have giveaways for MSDN subscriptions, don't just give them out in the US(I'll just mention the lates free PDA giveaway, or the free practices book that could only be sent inside the US). I don;t want a second grade, handdwon downloadable copy - I want the real deal. (i.e "First class citizens")

Ugh, I can't think of more stuff. I'm too tired. But I'll update this post if something else comes up.


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