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Smile! You're on candid camera!

By the way, tonight's lecture was taken in Microsoft's offices in Kfar-Saba. Did you know that they tape all the lectures there on video? ut not in a mounted - middle of the room camera. nope. It's like the ones used against thefts in department stores all over the world. You can;t see where it looking, or even if its turned on. .

We could see the camera house mounted in the center of the lecture hall's ceiling (looks like the ones that you have in department stores - in a round, mirror coated half-ball hanging from the ceiling). From what I got, Microsoft's CEO - Arye scoop, actually watches the lectures when he gets the chance. How cool(or scary) is that?

Now there's pressure for ya ;)

Microsoft does, but can do even more

Tonight's user group meeting went great (or - What does the matrix, X-Box's "Halo" and COM+ have in common?)