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Showing the "Browse For Folder" dialog

Another one from Derek Stone. Boy this guy seems to have all the answers for me today. This time it's a simple class that shows the “Browse for folder” dialog in VB.Net. It uses the System.Windows.Forms.Design.FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowser class to do its magic, meaning it's clean and simple.

Still, I'm not sure where I've heard this, but I think MS discourages the use of this class, because it's meant for internal designers use only? Can anyone who knows comment on this?


I was feeling like a total idiot last night. Here are all those people talking about how the FolderBrowserDialog class was added in v1.1, yet even though I have vs.Net 2003 installed, I could not for the life of me find it!.  Really. I tried all sorts of winforms projects but it just was not there. Then I came to work this morning and opened 2003 here, and voilà! it's right there in front of me. Anyone knows what's going on here?

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