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Israeli .Net web casts - finally!

If you're a Israeli .Net developer, MS israel has finally started taking baby steps towards providing webcasts in hebrew about .Net. Just got the email (Thanks dana). So - wer'e gonna have 3 webcasts:

Notice - These webcasts are in hebrew.

So first, congratulations, and welcome aboard.

Second - too little (dare I say too late?): Too little means that only one webcast per month is peanuts. There should be at leastr one a week. Its not like there's not enough material to cover. Secondly, The material seems to be beginner oriented (well, except the third one maybe). How about some hardcore stuff as well?  Tips and tricks? tweaks? How about adding online chats (like the ones that are held almost weekly at the MS site), contests? monthly draws of cool swag? C'mon MS Israel. You can do better!

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