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Pay for my PDC?

Dave Bettin, one of the best developers I've ever worked with really wants to go to the PDC - he's asking for some help...” “...If you can, please donate a few bucks to his PDC fund[via paypal]...”

[Philip Rieck]

OK. It's not like I hadn't thought about this idea before, but asking for PDC donations just sounded to “out there” for me. Hell, I *really* want go to the PDC too. Should we start a ? I admire the spirit of that guy, and I really “get” him. But I think it's practically impossible, unless some rich guy decided he wants to pay for someone's trip just out of the blue, which would inevitably start a “Begging for shows” phenomena, wouldn't you think? It's so catchy, I really gave asking for money a second thought just now.

Hmm.. Just out of curiosity, If I asked for PayPal donations, How much would you have contributed? Keep in mind the total sum should be up there around the 4000$-5000$. Is that likely? I thought so.

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