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PDC hype is really really really annoying!

“I am very excited about the upcoming PDC, but I can't reveal to you a lot that I already know until PDC actually starts. “

[.NET Undocumented]

Well, G-wiz, Thanks for sharing that! You know, I'm getting sick and tired of reading these kinds of posts. Folks, if you don't have anything to share, don't share it! Maybe it's because I'm bitter about not going to the PDC myself but the PDC hype is beginning to be a bit annoying (and I'm being mild here). Until the PDC actually starts, Nothing really important will be coming out of the any of the speakers mouths, and as such, I am totally going to disregard any post about the PDC's upcoming sessions, hype or otherwise un-important material until we get to actually hear some useful stuff.

Please folks, stop the insanity! It's not enough that I can't go, you keep rubbing it in our faces? Maybe if you contributed something to the discussion I'd understand, but “I'm going and you're not/ I know and you don't/ I can't tell you but it's cool/the X session is going to be so cool” posts are just garbage IMHO. So make the noise stop. Please.

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