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See you at the Israel .Net user group tomorrow!

Next Meeting:  October 1, 2003 (Wednesday)

17:30 - 18:00   Assembly
18:00 - 18:05   Introduction and miscellaneous
18:05 - 19:15    Life Without Enterprise Services
Yosi Taguri and Lior Rozner, SPL Software
19:15 - 19:30    Break
19:30 – 19:45   "Hatzilu !"
                        Open session, with questions and answers/ideas from everyone
19:45 - 21:00   
“Use and Benefits of .NET Enterprise Services” 
                        Yosi Taguri and Lior Rozner, SPL Software

This month we will cover .NET Enterprise Services – or COM+ in the .NET world.

Our speaker duo – Yosi Taguri and Lior Rozner are .NET consultants with SPL Software.  They will introduce the need and benefits of Enterprise Services by first building and explaining the architecture and problems of an application  without Enterprise Services.  The second part of the evening will outline the solutions to the problems discussed earlier and how Enterprise Services makes our lives easier. In the course of sessions they will discuss about the context and the key features of enterprise services.

 As always, we'll have our special "Hatzilu" session at our meeting. So please come prepared to discuss your most frustrating problems (or at least some of them !) and to share some of your own techniques and solutions that you have found useful in your applications.

Please be sure to email your confirmation to participate:

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