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Cool debugging tool of the day: Developer Playground

My friend Jonas Blunck, author of the most excellent ieHTTPHeaders and ComTrace, dropped me a line a couple of days ago, to let me know he's dropped a new development tool -- Developer Playground. This is yet another piece of pure debugging magic that Jonas (and Kim Grasman) have put together -- and a must have for anyone doing any serious debugging or reverse engineering type work... The short list of features from their site includes:

  • Shows run-time DLL dependencies for running processes
  • Hooks any process, and tracing single calls to external DLLs
  • Integrates with favorite tools such as Google, OleView, Depends and the Explorer
  • Saves trace output to text file
  • Comes with semi-integrated HTML help (not that it's necessary)

Pick it up now!


[Sam Gentile]

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