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Pics from the new office

Although I recently switched jobs, I never really blogged about it. I'll make up for it a little now with a few pics from the new digs. These are *really* new digs mind you. In fact, I came in two weeks before the whole company moved places to where we are now (which is where the photos were taken). So the offices are *brand spanking new*  for everyone. The pics were taken by Ariel, my office roommate. A great guy.

Clicking on these thumbnails takes you to more pics from our offices. But down below you can see me sitting in my new office, and the other pic shows the view from my window. Very cool place we got. I like it a lot.

One more thing, notice the poster I have hanging on my wall. Can you recognize it?

I'll give you a hint - “I'm a Mort“ :)


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