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The Hyperlinked Organization

A post on the Xtreme Programming mailing list pointed to this article:

The Hyperlinked Organization (David Weinberger)

It's a wonderful read. Here's a quote:

.. Increasingly, a useful expert is not someone with (containing) all the answers but someone who knows where to find answers. The new experts have value not by centralizing information and control but by being great "pointers" to other people and to useful, current information.

In short, your most valuable employee is likely to be the one who, in response to a question, doesn't give a concrete answer in a booming voice but who says, "You should talk to Larry. And check Janis's project plan. Oh, and there's a mailing list on this topic I ran into a couple of weeks ago — "

This article is part of a book that I now really really want to buy: The cluetrain menifesto. (It appears you can get the full book online but the link is broken. Still, here's chapter 1 in full.)


I found the full book available in full online here. Have fun.

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