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Introducing "Project Distributor" - your .Net file and idea sharing ground

Darren Neimke (the person responsible for the beauty that is RegexLib.Com) has created another cool web project:
The idea -
You have a cool code snippet, or a cool tool, or a cool anything to do with code that you want to share - that's the place to get to. I know I was looking for a place like that when I began this blogging thing. You can create your own project pages up there and upload your binary files, snippets and ideas. Then people can come to the site, or even subscribe via RSS to the site news, and read all about your cool idea.
Think "GotDotNet" only workable and simpler. This is not an open source project platform like SourceForge. just a place to share your ideas and stuff - which you have nowhere on the world to put and let everyone know about it.
Heck - I'd just come out with The Regulator, I'd probably put that in there myself.
(p.s - there are more things to do inside - but you'll have to find out for yourself what they are)
This is of course work in progress but Darren is working on it as I write this.
Great job Darren!

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