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BlogMatrix: RSS news reader with podcasting reception abilities.

David Janes sends word of his new RSS news reader: BlogMatrix. Here's what the site says. Notice that theres podcasting abilities in it as well. Interesting. (What is podcasting?)

"BlogMatrix introduces Jäger 1.6 for Windows

BlogMatrix is please to announce that Jäger 1.6 for Windows is now available. It can be downloaded from here. Jäger 1.6 contains many feature enhancements, minor bug fixes and three great new major features:

  • Podcast Reception
  • Bloglines Synchronization
  • Universal Searching

Podcast Reception
BlogMatrix Jäger 1.6 is the first weblog reader to provide integrated Podcast reception. Podcasts are weblog attachments containing audio or video items, such as news items, MP3 music files or audio commentary. Jäger will automatically download these attachments and add them to the playlist of your choice on iTunes or on Windows Media Player.

BlogMatrix Jäger 1.6 has the best features of any podcast reception tool out there, including entry filtering, choice of media players, scheduling control, plus all the other features that come along with Jäger, such as drag and drop subscriptions and OPML support.


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