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[Tools and Addins] : SharpTools, web controls and various utilities - free!

Jon Schwartz of "Morrison Schwartz" sent me an email saying he wished he knew about the (now closed) add-in competition, cause he's got a great add-in to put up there.
Nevertheless, he sent me a link to his add-in, called "SharpTools". It's totally free, and is extensible (you can write your own plug-ins for it). here's what the site description says:

What is SharpTools?

SharpTools is an extensible add-in to the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET development environment, and a software development kit (SDK) supporting the rapid development of further extensions which will run within SharpTools. These further extensions to SharpTools are called SharpTool plug-ins. SharpTools also includes several specific plug-ins, implemented to assist programmers in developing, debugging, testing and documenting code developed within the Visual Studio.NET development environment. SharpTools is Visual Studio.NET, made better!

If I had more time I'd go to the site and grab me a free copy but there's other news too. There are several other totally free controls, Addins and utilities for developers on their site. Among them: MSDE DB manager, Database scripter (schema and data), ASP.Net date picker and calendar controls, authorization, view state optimization and other web controls, most of them freeware. Very cool.

See the complete product listing over here.

Thanks for the tip Jon!

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