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More free cool components from SharpTools

"Hi Roy,


Writing as a followup to your blog about our freeware developer tools in October - thanks for spreading the word about us!  We've done almost 100 freeware developer downloads a day since then, btw, and are glad to think a lot of others are using our tools and components.


We have since updated several of them, and have added some important ones I thought I'd mention:


SharpTools has added an NUnit plugin which integrates NUnit testing directly into the IDE


Freeware web-based Chat component - this is probably our coolest new download.  It's done using HTTP, client-side script and DHTML - no client download needed!  It's full-featured on client and server side, and is IE- and Mozilla-compatible. 


Freeware OLTP library, as well as an ASP.NET ShoppingCart UI layer on top of that library


Freeware web compression library that automatically and transparently takes advantage of browser support for Deflate or GZip (most browsers) to compress HTTP traffic from server to client


Freeware plugin library which is type- and interface agnostic, and makes it easy to take advantage of shadow-copying of libraries, AppDomain process seperation, and dynamic discovery of plugins on the disk


Freeware web-based threaded discussion forums component


I hope some of those sound interesting.  Basically, we're packaging up cool stuff we've developed for our own projects and sharing it with other developers.  We hope that's good karma, good networking, and good marketing - we'll see. 


Thanks again,


Jon Schwartz

Morrison Schwartz "



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