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The Meta Programming System - The next paradigm?

I don't even know where to begin after reading this very thought provoking article by Sergey Dmitriev, one of the fathers of IntelliJ IDEA (one of my favorite IDEs). The article talks about the "Meta Programming System" which I would describe to you but Martin fowler references his article much better that I ever could:
"[Sergey] recently published an article on some exploratory development he's done called the Meta Programming System. He sees this system as an example of a broader movement which he calls Language Oriented Programming.

My colleague Matt Foemmel and I spent some time with him last week and were very impressed with what we saw. I'm very interested in this growing movement, one that looks to build software through closely integrated sets of DomainSpecificLanguages. There's other interesting players in this space - most notably Intentional Programming and Microsoft's Whitehorse work. It's an area to keep your eye on over the next few years. "

Lots of food for thought in the article, and there's actually a Java Plugin available as prototype. I wonder how long it would take to develop such a thing in .Net. Perhaps it's a great thing to try out using the new DSL tool MS released a little while ago, huh?

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