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Watch me speak at IVCUG: Regex and Plugins

If you're in Israel, mark your calendars.
I'll be speaking at the Israel Visual C# user group on march 17th.
Part I: Introduction to regular expressions with a practical example
I'll introduce the power of the Regex, use the .Net Regular Expressions namespaces
and show how to parse a simple text log file using Regex and turn it into XML format for easier consumption.
Part II: Creating application plugins in .Net
I'll explain how it's possible to create applications that are extensible using plugins (focusing on Winforms).
I'll show what it takes on the architecture side, the main Concepts of Reflection and using the Activator class.
I'll also show a practical example of a plugin that uses regular expression parsing inside a simple text editor.

[Tool] QuickJump - very nice and simple VS.Net add-in

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