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My upcoming lecture schedule

My plan to take over the world is starting to show some progress.
if you're in Israel, here's my talk schedule in the coming weeks:

This Wednesday - 4/8/2004
IVBUG: VB.Net user group:
Regular Expressions in .Net
Regular expressions are one of the most powerful and least known technologies for parsing and manipulating text. In this session we will discuss the various ways in which Regular Expressions (Regex) can help us in various situations that we might encounter in our daily development. We will talk about some of the basic syntax of regex including Matching, Replacing and grouping. You will also see a cool example of parsing a log file and converting it into XML easily using Regex. Lastly – we'll see "The Regulator" - a tool to test and verify your regular expressions. We'll also use it to explain many of the examples.
Don't miss out on one of the coolest things you've never seen. Regex can be used almost anywhere – a "must know" for every developer out there.

Wednesday - 11/8/2004
Part I - ADO.Net best practices, tips and tricks
By Roy Osherove
ADO.Net allows you to do many different things in many different ways.
In this talk we'll discuss some of the most recommended ways of doing things, and things you should *not* do as well. Among the topics that we will cover - Data Access Application Block – features, benefits and usage
,Concurrency Management - handling dataset conflicts, Performance tips and tricks, Error Handling, And a few more important and interesting things you should know when going deep into your Data Access Layer.
Part II - Data Architecture best practices in web applications
By Udi Dahan  (Summary yet determined)

Sunday - 22/8/2004
Test Driven Development overview
This talk is an extension to the previous talk I did at the architects user group and zooms in on one of the subjects presented in the earlier talk - Test Driven Development (TDD). I'll show examples of doing TDD on a simple development problem, showing mostly technique, and continue on to talk about more real-world subjects such as database testing and complex object aggregation tests (interaction testing) using mock objects. Lastly - I'll talk about the various unit testing frameworks out there today and where they differ in abilities.

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