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My talk went very well. You missed out :)

Wow. I'm all energized about the talk I just finished at the Visual C# user group.
The talk was divided in two:
First part was regular expressions. It went great!
I was so nervious at first, but when I actually stepped up and started talking, everything sort of “flowed”.
When I demoed how I'm parsing a log file and turning it into XML and then search on it, There was even some clapping. Imagine that :)
The second part was about plugins, and it went pretty well too. A bit less excitement because this is a harder subject, but over all people seemed to get the idea and responded well to the code examples.
A few glitches:
  • The lecture started almost 20 late
  • There were some technical problems connecting my laptop to the projector
Hopefully these were small enough not to cloud the overall lecture quality.
I did get a few suggestions:
  • With the Regex lecture, start out with a demo of parsing the log file and then dive into the rest of the material, instead of doing the demo in the end. What do you think?
  • The plugin lecture went too deep. THe part about passing EditorContext to the plugin was a bit too much to handle.  What do you think?
If you were in the lecture I'd be happy if you provided me with feedback so that I can learn from past mistakes.
God I'm tired.

Me? rip to shreds?

See me speak at IVCUG about Regex and .Net Plug-ins