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ADO.Net talk went great

Phew! this was an exhausting day!
I was feeling pretty sick all through the morning today, but things cleared up a big in the afternoon.
I also gave my talk at the C# user group today about ADO.Net . It went pretty well. One thing of note was that for the first time my wife, Tal, was in attendance at one of my talks. at the first 5 minutes I was actually mumbling a bit - I was nervous and excited she was there listening to me :)
Anyway -it went pretty great - only I didn't have enough material - so we finished 20 minutes early. Oh well.
A few tips and trick to remember that people really liked:
much fun was had by all. I am sooo tired.
On the other had - my voice seems to be shaping up from the talks. I notice that I am less “voiceless” now after 3 hours of talking than I was the first talk I gave (I couldn't actually talk after an hour the first time).
I'll remind you about the TDD workshop that is being held on the 28th for the beginners and the advanced one later on in the month. See for more information and registering for those.

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